Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Detox Update

Trisha just returned from a treatment center where she spent her time detoxing and cleansing. She had several cleansing procedures done, along with a strict diet that consisted of pills, supplements, and lots of yucky green and white salt drinks. The center tested her blood before she started the detox, and then again after about 2 weeks of detox. Her blood looks so much better! She still has a long ways to go. She will continue on her strict detox diet until her cancer leaves. She has a lot of faith that cleaning her blood will help her body heal.

Photo above shows what Trisha's strict detox diet consists of.

A lot of the toxins came out of Trisha's face. It was very painful as you can see from the photo above.
Trisha believes that the detox she is doing can heal so many illnesses & she is excited to share information she has learned about it. She also believes that an Alkaline diet can help so much with illnesses. I'll be posting more information about the detox & Alkaline diet for anyone who is interested as I have time.

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