How can I help?

We can use your help!

Here are some ways you can help Trisha.

1) You can help by signing up for the Trot for Trisha Event
(Sign up details coming soon.)

2) You can donate money to the Trot For Trisha Fund

3) You can help us with the actual event.
Check our volunteer page for areas we are still looking for help with.

4) If you have a business and can donate products or money to this event, we would be happy to put your logo on our blog, signs, & fliers.

5) You can buy Trot for Trisha Products. All the proceeds go to Trisha.

6) You can help by getting the word out. Please post this event to your Facebook & Twitter accounts.
 Or use the button below to add a link to your blog or Website.

Link to: 

7) By downloading & printing the PDF files below you can distribute them around the South Jordan area so we can get more participants. 

Thank You so much for any support you can give. Even if it's just posting this event to Facebook. It means a lot to Trisha and her family.

We hope to have everything for this event donated so that 100% proceeds will go directly to Trisha to help with her medical expenses.

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